In 2014, powered by a then state-of-art iPhone 5c and new design apps, Jhovany Quiroz sat down with his phone and created the first piece of digital art in a style he’d soon become known for. Inspired by abstract expressionist artists like Kandinsky and Rothko, his vision was to take his abstractions into a three-dimensional space - and that soon attracted the attention of tech-minded publications like WIRED and Vice.

Since then, he’s created hundreds of pieces and dozens of collections and offered them to buyers as prints for private and public spaces, as textiles and other home designs, and even licensed his art for international brands like GNU snowboards and as album covers for Universal Records.

Now, let’s talk 2018.

Jhovany now uses the latest iPhone Plus and regularly experiments with new design apps - but what hasn’t changed is his innovation and vision for his art. He’s still pushing boundaries by experimenting in this digital world where color, texture, shape and form rule - and then translating those digital creations into physical 2-D works that live offline and in living spaces.